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# What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that may be stored on your computer or other device when you visit a website. They are generally used to make websites work, to facilitate browsing on the website, to keep track of your activity within the website, to remember your login details, to optimise technical management, and so on.

# Why does this website use cookies?

Alfio Salanitri uses strictly necessary and functional cookies for the website to function properly

# What cookies does Alfio Salanitri use?

1. Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies allow us to ensure security of our websites and make certain elements accessible and operational. These cookies are set without your consent. You can disable and delete them in your browser settings, however, this may prevent certain websites from displaying properly.

Name of the cookie Value Duration
alfio_salanitri_full_stack_web_developer_session a session cookie used to store session data on the client side. Session
XSRF-TOKEN is essential for the security of the web application. It helps protect against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks, which are a significant security threat. Session
cf_clearance Clearance Cookie stores the proof of challenge passed. It is used to no longer issue a challenge if present. It is required to reach an origin server. 1 week
cf_consent_vendors This cookie is essential for GDPR compliance, storing user consent for third-party service providers. 1 week
euconsent-v2 This cookie is crucial for GDPR compliance, recording user consent according to the IAB Europe's TCF standard. 1 week

2. Functional cookies

Your preferences about cookies is saved in a cookie. When you visit the website later again, this cookie will allow the preferences you expressed previously to be recognised by the website as to not solicit your consent too frequently.

Name of the cookie Value Duration
zaraz-consent The cookie helps in managing and remembering the user's consent choices, ensuring that the user's preferences are applied across their browsing session and subsequent visits. 1 week

# How can you control cookies?

You can review and control how cookies are used on this website here or you can review your preferences by

You can also delete or block cookies by changing the settings on your browser. For more information on how to configure your browser, please visit:

If you use different devices to access our websites, you will need to ensure that each browser of each device is set to your cookie preference.