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# 👔 Professional Experience:


# 🦄 Skills:

declare -a TECHNOLOGIES=( "Laravel" "Wordpress" "Prestashop" "Node" "Redis" "Firebase" "Bash" "Python" )

declare -a BACKEND=( "PHP" "MySQL" "Python" )

declare -a FRONTEND=( "Bootstrap" "Webpack" "XML" "Javascript" "HTML5" "CSS[2,3]" "S[A,C]SS" "jQuery" "Vue.js" )

declare -a DEVOPS=( "Github" "Docker" "AWS" "Linux" "Apache" "Nginx" "API integration" "Security settings and hack prevents" )

declare -a HARDWARE=( "PC Assembly" "Smartphone and Tablet Repair" "Raspberry" )

declare -a SOFTWARE=( "PhpStorm" "Linux Debian" "Codium" "Gimp" "Inkscape" "Android Studio" "Adobe Suite" )


# 💻 Development Stack:

Linux Debian, LAMP, PhpStorm, DBeaver, Filezilla, Composer, Git, Webpack, Grunt, Npm.


# 👾 Work Style:


# 💛 Things I love: